A Teacup Story

One of the questions I always get from people is: “ Where do you get all these beautiful china pieces?” I usually say that I have many sources – and every piece that I find has its own unique story.

I love finding new places to shop and add to my phenomenal collection and to tell people the stories behind each piece – especially the teacups. I often find interesting shops or antique malls during my travels.

In July of last year, one of my four daughters accepted a job offer in Great Falls, Montana. I was excited she had this amazing opportunity, and at the same time, I was sad that she and her husband would be moving so far away.

With the enormity of their move looming, my daughter and her husband invited us to join them on a scouting trip to Great Falls. Since we had never been to Montana, we began to plan our trip, and our excitement grew.

One morning in Great Falls, my husband and I were wandering around the downtown area while my daughter and her husband were busy meeting with their respective future employers. We stumbled into a really cute shop on the main drag called “Feather Your Nest”. This was a very eclectic shop, with everything from vintage clothing to antique books and a large collection of vintage vinyl records. I have to say, this shop was my kind of heaven, especially because of its extensive selection of vintage fine china from all over the globe!

This is where I found one of my absolute favorite teacups in my collection – the teacup and saucer made by CDGC Japan circa 1950. The saucer is more like a pedestal than a saucer, elegantly hand painted with wheat stalks and green wheat grass emanating from the center of the saucer. The teacup itself sits high on the saucer – so regal – with more wheat stalks and green wheat grass that appears to be moving in the wind. This beautiful teacup and saucer are rentable exclusively from Something Borrowed Vintage China and is ready to be at your event! Call me to schedule an appointment to come and see this teacup, and many others that will dress up your table beautifully!




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